The billing and coding profession can be complicated, requiring specialized knowledge. In addition, those who deal with the causes of drug and alcohol abuse can present a unique challenge to the billing and coding professionals.

Substance misuse leads to huge financial losses for addiction treatment facilities. Changes in legislation, regulations, and reimbursement policies have also caused drug rehabilitation facilities and mental health organizations to close.

Substance Abuse Billing is therefore provided from many healthcare providers, such as medical doctors (osteopathic physicians), clinical psychologists, social workers, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.  However, increasingly, insurers are reluctant to cover these services for substance abuse.

However, some significant challenges are discussed in this article

Let’s check them out!

Challenges in Substance Abuse Billing

  • Claim denials are on the rise.

The United States’ drug rehab treatment clinics are facing cash flow issues due to claims being rejected for reimbursement.

Healthcare providers cannot treat patients with substance abuse concerns and those with substance abuse and mental health disorders the same way. This is true even for billing. Therefore, healthcare providers must be sure to bill their patients correctly.

  • Patients are being held more accountable.

Substance addiction is often viewed as a choice rather than a health issue. Patients should not blame themselves for having mental disorders.

The reimbursement rates for mental health patients are more generous than those with substance abuse billing issues. Substance abusers must shoulder the entire financial burden of therapy.

  • Billing specialist isn’t available.

The billing process for medical care is complex, and Substance Abuse billing is even more challenging. Treatment clinics and mental health organizations may lose money if they manage their billing and collections.

A billing expert with years of experience may still not be able to increase the reimbursements you receive.

  • You can outsource substance abuse billing.

There is constant change in the industry, both in terms of payer restrictions and reimbursements. As a result, margins are tightening, and reimbursements are decreasing. So stop worrying about your cash flow at the end of the month.

There is a lot to be done by your substance abuse billing and coding staff members. Overhead expenses can be reduced by outsourcing drug abuse billing services, while reimbursements are increased, and claims are denied or rejected less frequently.

As a result, a practice like yours will be able to be more proactive rather than spending hours preparing and deciphering the billing reports.



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