Outsourcing Behavioral Health Billing Can Save Money


Behavioral health is a complex field in itself. The behavioral health billing process is not simple for providers and facilities. When we talk to providers who are considering outsourcing, we often hear the same message. They are spending too much time on administrative tasks including billing and claims. In return, not enough time is spent with their [...]

Outsourcing Behavioral Health Billing Can Save Money2021-12-16T22:10:15-05:00

Mental Health Legislation


There are two pieces of proposed federal legislation that would directly impact behavioral health practices. If passed, the new mental health legislation would ensure that insurers provide equal coverage for mental health and telehealth services along with the same cost of physical medical care to beneficiaries. The Tele-Mental Health Improvement Act Proposed in the Senate, [...]

Mental Health Legislation2021-12-09T20:51:52-05:00
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