How To Increase Collection Rates While Improving Patient Recovery


Why is billing so important? The first question that needs an answer is, why is billing in your Behavioral Health practice so important? The simple answer is this: billing is one of the defining factors of your worth as a Behavioral Health provider. Patient recovery is likely the top indicator of your success as a [...]

How To Increase Collection Rates While Improving Patient Recovery2022-01-14T11:20:13-05:00

Benefits of Outsourcing Detox Billing!


Using an outside company to handle your Detox billing is nothing new. Outsourcing has become as commonplace as it can be. It frequently yields better results at lower costs using streamlined procedures, superior systems, cutting-edge technology, economies of scale, and highly trained employees with a wealth of specialized knowledge and expertise. As a result, clients [...]

Benefits of Outsourcing Detox Billing!2022-01-04T02:05:00-05:00
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