Billing and Claims Services


Billing and Claims Services

Covering All Your Facility or Practice Billing and Claim Needs

Our committment is to treat your business as our own.  Our personalized business relationship will foster continued growth to ensure our sucess together.

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Documentation Assistance


Documentation is one of the most important components of revenue cycles.  Our trained and highly skilled team of professionals are dedicated to providing assistance to your facility or practices in obtaining proper information.   Documentation is also a critical component for credentialing, claim submissions, re-submissions, charting, and records requests from insurance companies.  We help you navigate these requests and handle them promptly and efficiently.



Our team handles all third party payment negotiations. Nextus Billing Solutions has established a long running precedent with the majority of major third party administrators to help ensure maximum reimbursements for out of network claims.   We can also assist you with singe case agreements, and in-network contracts/rate negotiations as needed.

Claims Processing


99% first pass claim acceptance.  Many of our internal systems and processes have been developed by the feedback of our valued clients that we love so dearly.  You have spoken and we have listened.  At Nextus we have a measure twice, cut once philosophy.   We are forever evolving and always responding to industry changes.  Nextus strives to remain, at the forefront, in the the top tier of our industry.

Insurance Billing


Nextus has developed a state of the art, intuitive, proprietary software program.   Our framework and processes are all designed for visibility, communication, ease of use,  and to increase overall outcome maximization.

Insurance Billing - Documentation Assistance


Our commitment is to treat your business as our own.  Our personalized business relationship will foster continued growth to ensure our success together.

Next You….NEXTUS



Nextus Billing Solutions comprehensive consultations can help provide valuable insight into industry best practices.  We have mastered the navigation of credntialing and understand the ins and outs of setting up a new facility or practice.  Our goal is to help you to realize your maximum potential.  We specialize in providing tailored billing programs for long term solutions.  Transitioning to Nextus Billing Solutions is smooth and painless.

Free Consultation

Schedule a consultation visit today.  We will help to assess your facility or practice needs.  Nextus will tailor a program that will maximize your patient provider outcomes.