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Behavioral Health Billing

Covering All Your Boca Raton Behavioral Health Billing and Claim Needs

Our commitment is to treat your business as our own.  Our personalized business relationship will foster continued growth to ensure our success together.

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Behavioral Health Billing

Nextus Billing Solutions provides you with revenue cycle management to healthcare providers across America. Our billing services will help your behavioral health practice record transactions, manage payments, and process any claims. Without a suitable behavioral health billing application or software, you will spend more time handling billing disputes and insurance claims rather than focusing on the patients’ needs.

Billing challenges for behavioral health practices

Compared to other practices, people operating behavioral health practices operate under unique circumstances. For starters, people with severe disabling behavioral problems may require additional services, including support and rehabilitation programs. Secondly, most behavioral health services recipients are treated in primary care facilities as opposed to specialty programs where more comprehensive care would be provided.

The above challenges may cause healthcare providers to spend more resources and time coordinating patient care instead of attending to patients’ needs. This makes it critical for behavioral health practitioners to have a streamlined billing solution such as the Nextus Billing Solutions. This helps simplify all processes and procedures related to patient care, including harmonizing with other health providers.

Nextus Billing Solutions features

Our customizable options and hands-on approach makes managing your billing cycle less strenuous through the following features:

  • Documentation assistance
  • Negotiations
  • Claims processing
  • Insurance billing
  • Long-term value
  • Consultations

Why should you outsource your billing process?

Most healthcare providers do not have the time or expertise to handle the billing process. Also, only a few have the resources to hire an in-house billing team. By outsourcing your statement preparation, data entry, filing, and follow-ups to a third party, your practice benefits in the following ways:

  • Professional resources and networks – these enable Nextus Billing Solutions to submit insurance claims on your behalf to different insurance companies. This result in faster reimbursements and consequently, improved cash flow.
  • Expert services – our services are provided by a team of highly experienced behavioral health billing experts. We guarantee unparalleled dedication and accuracy to ensure that each form is filled out with the correct codes, terminologies, and classifications in the absence of which you will not receive payment. We also analyze rejected claims and resubmit them to ensure that you get paid. Nextus Billing Solutions focuses on providing solutions to behavioral and mental health practices. We have taken time to gain an in-depth understanding of this field and know the specifics of behavioral health billing. This places us amongst the leading health billing companies across the United States.
  • Cost-effective solutions – once you outsource your billing needs, you free up resources that can be used in other areas. Also, your team can dedicate time and resources to improving patient care rather than carrying out laborious billing tasks.

Using Nextus Billing Solutions will drastically reduce the rejected or partly paid claims in your practice. This is because we aim at submitting clean claims for the very first time. This will ensure that you spend more time with your clients rather than dealing with billing issues. Contact us at 844-487-2455 to schedule an obligation-free consultation and billing estimate for your practice.

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Documentation Assistance


Documentation is one of the most important components of revenue cycles.  Our trained and highly skilled team of professionals are dedicated to providing assistance to your facility or practices in obtaining proper information.   Documentation is also a critical component for credentialing, claim submissions, re-submissions, charting, and records requests from insurance companies.  We help you navigate these requests and handle them promptly and efficiently.



Our team handles all third party payment negotiations. Nextus Billing Solutions has established a long running precedent with the majority of major third party administrators to help ensure maximum reimbursements for out of network claims.   We can also assist you with singe case agreements, and in-network contracts/rate negotiations as needed.

Behavioral Health Billing and Claims Processing


99% first pass claim acceptance.  Many of our internal systems and processes have been developed by the feedback of our valued clients that we love so dearly.  You have spoken and we have listened.  At Nextus we have a measure twice, cut once philosophy.   We are forever evolving and always responding to industry changes.  Nextus strives to remain, at the forefront, in the the top tier of our industry.

Insurance Billing - Behavioral Health Billing


Nextus has developed a state of the art, intuitive, proprietary software program. Our framework and processes are all designed for visibility, communication, ease of use, and to increase overall outcome maximization for your Behavioral Health Facility.

Behavioral Health Billing


Our commitment is to treat your business as our own.  Our personalized business relationship will foster continued growth to ensure our success together.

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Behavioral Health Billing Consultations


Nextus Billing Solutions comprehensive consultations can help provide valuable insight into industry best practices.  We have mastered the navigation of credentialing and understand the ins and outs of setting up a new facility or practice.  Our goal is to help you to realize your maximum potential.  We specialize in providing tailored billing programs for long term solutions.  Transitioning to Nextus Billing Solutions is smooth and painless.

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Schedule a consultation visit today.  We will help to assess your behavioral health facility needs.  Nextus will tailor a program that will maximize your patient provider outcomes.